Cold Extraction (Duel & Partigyle)

Batch Info

5lb Batch (x2)
All Grain


5.5lbs 2 Row
5.5lbs Skagit Valley Malting Dark Munich


(Partigyle batch) .5oz Cryo Cascade @ 30min (of 30min boil)


Both: Safale 34/70 Weihenstephen

Cold Extraction:
SG: 1.024
FG: 1.010

SG: 1.038
FG: 1.012




No notes

Mashed 10 litres cold water with grain in 42F fridge for 20hrs.  Pulled grains. 3.5gal after pulling grains and added.1.75gal to 5.25gal for conversion period. Mash/convert @ 155-159F for 30min (brought up to temp so somewhat hit converstion temps on way up as well). 30min boil. 4.5gal post boil. Added .5gal to 5gal final volume.

PARTIGYLE: Heated 5.5gal to 174F. Put grains from cold extraction in BIAB and placed in water – temp dropped to 138F. Reheated to 159F for 30min conversion period. 143F @ end of 30min. Pulled grain bag. 5.5gal preboil & added .5gal to 6gal preboil. Added hops for 30min boil. 5.75gal post boil.

Brewed 10/20/19.


Notes for next time:
Not a good recipe for cold extraction. Meant to use a basic dunkelweizen recipe but totally spaced and used 2Row instead of wheat. Apart from lacking wheat, the only notable flavor was dark munich, which was not enjoyable on its own. Dunkelweizen recipe could be better for this application. Likely super light, saison-esque style would work well with cold extraction. This beer won the cold extraction duel, yet we all felt that there actually no winners on this one. I ended up dumping both the cold extraction & partigyle. This was my first partigyle though!