Marshall’s House Saison

Batch Info

10lb Batch
All Grain


14lbs Pilsner
2.5lbs Red Wheat Malt
1lb Rye
1lb Flaked Wheat
.5lb Flaked Corn


1oz Lemondrop (5.2%AA) @60min
2oz Czech Saaz (2.8%AA) @30min
1oz Cashmere (9.49%AA) @ Flameout for 10min


#1 – Wyeast French Saison (3711)
#2 – Kveik Flakes from Mika Laitenin (.7g initially & addl. .4g after 24hrs w/o activity @ 70F)

SG: 1.045
FG: ?




Ferment French Saison @ 70F. Ferment Kveik @ 85F.

8gal Strike @ 166F. Mash in @ 153F. 60min mash. 149F @30min. 147 @ end of 60min. 6gal sparge @174F. 12.85gal preboil. 60min boil. 11.75gal post boil. Split batch into 5gal for Kveik, 2.5gal plain French Saison, & 2.5gal French Saison infused with 1.4g Makrut Lime Leaves @ 170F for 5min.

Bottled the 2.5gal French Saison batch w/ 2.9oz bottling sugar. Threw out 2.5gal lime leaf batch & kveik batch.

Brewed 06/27/2020.

Notes for next time:
Kveik was very plastic-y overall with harsh smells, though an underlying very strong and pleasant orange smell – we’re it not mixed with the plastic smell. Early kveik fermentation was at ~70 so retry @ higher temp. Lime leaf saison had unfavorable smells & was not sampled. Both kveik & lime leaf batch were pitched. Very interested in retrying this recipe, I believe too warm fermentation w/ the French saison led to off flavors & fermentation at too low a temp threw off bad fermentation flavors w/ the kveik.

Retry base beer.