Verbena Triticale

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


6lbs Triticale
5lbs 2Row
1lb Purple Karma Barley Flakes
.2lb Rye
.26lb Munich
.1lb Dark Munich


1oz Lemondrop (5.2%AA) @30min
1oz Lemondrop (5.2%AA) @10min


Wyeast Weihenstephen (3068) – trub from Cold Extraction Duel

SG: 1.044
FG: 1.006


1.19oz Dried Lemon Verbena @ flameout for 10min


No notes

4gal Strike @ 168F. Mash in @ 155F. 60min mash. 148F @60min. 3.5gal sparge @174F. 6.5gal preboil. 60min boil. 5.5gal post boil.


Brewed 11/23/19.

Notes for next time:
The Rye, Munich, & Dark Munich were using up grains and were barely “milled” by smashing them with a rolling pin in a ziplock bag. I would still include a small portion of Rye and Munich in the future, though not Dark Munich. This beer was overwhelmingly lemony in the beginning, being described by others as lemon pledge. Over time, the lemon subsided and became an absolutely delicious and refreshing summer beer. Consider using less Verbena initially or expect to condition for a few months for lemon to relax. This beer won the duel by default as the other two competitors didn’t make their beer in time. Absolutely would make again.