Trippel (II)

This is the part in my brewing tale that I was less excited to approach. All these entries that I have been writing I brewed years ago. When I began brewing, I not only took meticulous notes, but I also recorded my impressions of the beers I have been brewing, even revisiting past entries in my notebook after trying a beer that has been cellared for a bit. This is the first entry where I did none of that. I now have to solely rely on my own mind. My own surreal, ridiculous mind.

Apart from whatever memory voids I encounter, and despite my lack of documentation, this beer is really fucking delicious. Trippel II is unequivocally one of the best beers that I have brewed in my life. Wholly my own recipe, this beer will convert the nonbelievers. This is also the very first beer that I brewed after moving to WA. Driving out to Seattle in my car, I didn’t have room to bring along my brewing equipment. Curbing my addiction by brewing small batches of sake and limoncello, several months went by before I arranged to have my brewing supplies shipped out to Seattle. Three huge packages and $80 later, I could create again.


16oz Caravienne
16oz Biscuit
16oz Belgian Pilsner
8oz Aromatic


.5oz Motueka (6.3%AA) @60min
.5oz Czech Saaz (2.4%AA) @30min
.5oz Motueka (6.3%AA) @30min
.5oz Czech Saaz (2.4%AA) @15min


7lbs Light LME
2lbs Blonde Belgian Candi Sugar @20min


Wyeast Trappist High Gravity (3787)


1tsp Irish Moss @15min

~3oz Priming Sugar (eyeball measure)

SG: 1.064
1wk: 1.014
FG(2wk): 1.014

Complex and layered, stone fruit and caramel, malty but light, Trippel II has everything I want in a beer. Balance, complexity, and to borrow a ridiculous marketing term from an unnamed goliath beer corporation, drinkability — a beer fulfilling enough to leave you satisfied after a single glass… but I doubt you’ll stop there. Coming in at around 6.5% ABV, this trippel walks the line of a high alcohol beer. You can have a couple, but you’ll notice it.

This beer impressed me. I knew it was going to be delicious, yet whatever magical tornado happened in that kettle/carboy summoned a beer from the heavens. In fact I was so impressed with this beer, that I am now souring a batch for a year. Results to come…in several months.

Notes from Christmas 2018:

Aroma: Belgian candy, smells like a tripel. Flavor: slightly sweet, Belgian yeast, light stone fruit flavors. Slightly oxidized. Highly carbonated

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