Robust Porter (Whiskey Alderwood Smoked Porter)


21.5lbs 2 Row
1lb Crystal 60L
1lb Chocolate
1lb Special B
.5lb Black Patent


2.5oz Centennial (10.0%AA) @60min
1oz Willamette (5.4%AA) @15min
1oz Willamette (5.4%AA) @5min


Wyeast London Ale (1028)


1tsp Whirlfloc @15min

3.89oz Priming Sugar

SG: 1.052
1wk: Bucket – 1.020; Carboy – 1.015
FG(2wk): Bucket – 1.013; Carboy – 1.014

Dough-in with 7.75 gallons of 167F water
10 gallon batch sparge @ 170F
13 gallons of wort pre-boil

Split batch into 2 fermenters. Racked to secondary after 1 week. After 2 weeks in secondary, added smoked, bourbon soaked Alderwood chips.

Bourbon soaked, smoked Alderwood chips
– steam 2oz Alderwood chips for 10min
– Put on baking sheet and bake in oven @ 375F for 1hr
– Immediately place hot woodchips in 1.5cup bourbon (I used Old Forester) for 4 days.
– Put woodchips in cheesecloth & place in secondary (bucket fermenter) for 2 weeks.
– Keep remaining whiskey from woodchips & enjoy in cocktails (I had 1 1/8cup whiskey left over – woodchips soaked up nearly 1/2cup bourbon).