Spelt Kveik

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


8.5lbs 2 Row
3lb Raw Spelt
.3lbs Flaked Corn
.25lbs Flaked Rice


.3oz Magnum (8.9%AA) @60min


Unknown Kveik (from Von)

SG: 1.046
FG: 1.002


2wks in primary with closed system transfer to keg.

First attempt with pseudo-BIAB. Cereal mash with Spelt & 3lbs 2 Row. Mash in @ 155F. ~3-4gal preboil. Added water to 6.5gal. 1hr Boil. 5.5gal post boil.

Brewed 6/22/19. 2wk fermSerious Pedio infection (slimy, stringy) discovered in keg. (8/16/19). Added 1 packet Imperial Suburban Brett on (8/25/19).

Notes for next time: