Winter Warmer

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


10lbs 2 Row
5lbs Maris Otter
1.5lbs Crystal 60
.75lb Aromatic
.5lb Chocolate


1oz Magnum (12.4%AA) @90min
1oz E. Kent Golding (5.8%AA) @60min
1oz E. Kent Golding (5.8%AA) @20min


Wyeast Scottish Ale (3724)

SG: 1.0058-1.086 @ 78F
1.5wk: 1.015
FG (2.5wk): 1.015

3.58oz Priming sugar

Preheated cooler with warm water. Dough-in with 5 gallons of 166F water. 60min Mash. Mash in @ 154F. 152F @ 30min. 145F @ 60min (~55F outside).  4 gallon batch sparge @ 174F. Stuck Mash – my first :(. Scooped out mash into BIAB to strain. Squeezed grain to release wort. Just under 7.75 gallons preboil. 90min boil. 7gal post boil (boiled in 16gal kettle @ vigorous boil). Whirlfloc @ 15min.

*I’ve brewed 290 gal cumulatively after this batch!

Notes for next time:
Carbonation was low – more priming sugar next time.