Belgian Spelt Saison

Batch Info

10lb Batch
All Grain


17lbs Pilsner
6lbs Spelt Malt
1lb Flaked Wheat


1oz Tettnang (3.7%AA) @60min


(2) Wyeast Belgian Saison (3724)

SG: 1.056-1.057
1.5wk: w/o plums: 1.036; w/ plums: 1.032
FG (2wk): w/o plums: 1.011 (2 months later after stuck fermentation); w/ plums:

Preheated cooler with warm water. Dough-in with 7.5 gallons of 165F water. 60min Mash. Mash in @ 155F. 153F @ 45min. 151-153F @ 45min. 151-153F @ 60min. 6 gallon batch sparge @ 174F. Slowly drained wort while sparging with Vorlauf. Pressed grain to release wort. 11.3 gallons preboil. 60min boil. 9.9gal post boil. Split into 2 buckets & pitched yeast @ 80F (1 batch = Homebrew club barrel project; 1 batch home soured w/ WA Red Plums).

Plums: 7.5lbs red plums post processing. Added 2 campden tablets, then froze, thawed, and added .75 Tbsp Pectic Enzyme before putting fruit in secondary. Racked 5gal onto fruit & vigorous fermentation ensued due to partially stuck fermentation. Added unknown vial from Homebrew bottle share (dregs of several beers) along with dregs from Fair Isle bottle w/ their house culture.

*I’ve brewed 290 gal cumulatively after this batch!

Notes for next time:
Ensure to crank temp to finish fermentation