Helles Exportbier

Batch Info

10lb Batch
All Grain


19lbs Pilsner
1lb Dextrin
1lb Melanoidin


1oz Grungeist (2.3%AA) @First wort hops
1oz Mosaic (11.7%AA) @60min
1oz Grungeist (2.3%AA) @12min
1oz Hallertauer Mittelfreuh (3.8%AA) @12min
1oz Grungeist (2.3%AA) @3min


Safale S-23 Lager Yeast x2

SG: 1.052
Normal Ferment FG: 1.009
Pressure Ferment FG: 1.012


Whirlfloc tab @ 15min x3


No notes

8gal Strike @ 164F. Mash in @ 150F. 60min mash. 149F @30min. Took ~2-3gal mash & heated up on stove to 171F & added back to mash, then 151F. 149F @ end of 60min. 5gal sparge @174F. 12.25gal preboil. Added first wort hops when starting sparge. 60min boil. 10gal post boil. Split batch & added half to fermonster and half to keg with “static” low PSI PRV to pressure ferment in keg (I believe ~4PSI). Ferment carboy @ 65F & fermented keg @ 70F.

Kegged w/ 3.75oz priming sugar.

Brewed 06/20/20.

Notes for next time: