Westvleteren 12 Clone (Batch 50 & 300gal)

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


13.5lbs 2 Row
1lb Munich
.5lb Biscuit
.3lb Aromatic
.25lb Special B
.2lb Chocolate


1oz Northern Brewer (8.2%AA) @90min
.5oz Hallertau (4.1%AA) @30min
.67oz Fuggle (4.3%AA) @30min


1lb Dark Belgian Candi Sugar @10min
1lb Demerara Sugar @10min


Wyeast Trappist High Gravity (1.5 packs) (3787)

Whirlfloc @15min

4.5oz Priming Sugar

SG: 1.089
1wk: 1.010
FG (4wk): 1.010

Preheated cooler with warm water. Dough-in with 6 gallons of 165F water. 60min Mash. Mash in @ 150-152F. 148-150F @ 30min. 147F @ 60min. 5 gallon batch sparge @ 174F. Slowly drained wort while sparging with Vorlauf. Pressed grain to release wort. 8 gallons preboil. 90min boil. 6gal post boil. Pitched @ 78F.

For this batch, I brewed with Tim & we combined wort before boiling. We mashed separately, x-ferred some wort to my batch when sparging, then combined wort pre-boil, split wort half and boiled from there. Tim highly hopped his version. Side-by-side tasting eagerly anticipated & imminent.

Notes for next time: