Saison (Iteration 1)

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


1lbs 2 Row
.5lb Vienna
.5lbs Caramunich
.5lbs Belgian White Wheat
1lb Flaked Wheat


1oz Kent Golding (5.8%AA) @60min
.5oz Kent Golding (5.8%AA) @5min


Wyeast Farmhouse Ale (3726)

SG: 1.053
FG: 1.010


3wks in primary until bottling

Second attempt with pseudo-BIAB. 5gal Strike @ 166F. Mash in @ 154F. 145F after 45min & reheated to 150F. 4gal post pulling grain bag. Added 2gal to 6gal preboil. 60min boil. 5gal post boil. Added .5gal distilled water to 5.5gal.

6.7oz priming sugar. Brewed 7/4/19 & bottled 7/23/19.

Notes for next time: