Hazy Belgian Wit

Batch Info

5lb Batch
All Grain


5lbs Pilsner
3lb Belgian White Wheat
3lb Flaked Wheat
.25lb Munich
.5lb Rice Hulls


1oz German Hallertau (2.9%AA) @60min (also threw in pinch of Fuggle 4.9% pellets)


Wyeast Belgian Wit (3944)


.5oz Crushed Cardamom @5min
.5oz Orange Zest @5min

5.7oz Priming Sugar

SG: hydrometer: 1.045 @ 73F;  refractometer: 1.043
1wk: 1.015 hydrometer
FG: 1.015 hydrometer

Preheated cooler with warm water. Dough-in with 3.5 gallons of 170F water. 60min Mash @ 163F-165F (left cooler lid open for ~15min until temp @ ~155F). 152-154F @ 30min. 149-152F @ 45min. 148-152 @ end of 60min. No recirculations.
4 gallon batch sparge @ 172F. Slowly drained wort while sparging. Pressed grain to release wort.
6.5 gallons of wort pre-boil. 5.5gal post boil.
90min boil.

**3rd Place White Ribbon at Evergreen State Fair in Witbier (24A)

Notes for next time: