Honey Lemon Wheat

Honey Lemon Wheat is a beer for the people. So unoffensive and crowd pleasing that it attracts even most hesitant of beer drinkers. With the right combination of ingredient descriptors in the title create an image in your mind far away from a normal beer. This one has honey. And lemon. And is a wheat beer. Triple check in the basic column. That’s not to say this is a bad beer. In fact the opposite. One of the tests I used to subject the beers I made to was the mother test. This test is simple. Give some of the beer to Momma Barber…and see what she says. The Momma Barber test is not about the overall quality of the beer. She doesn’t take into account the color, balance, carbonation, nothing. Her test determines how much this beer tastes like beer. An inverse scale where the more a beer tastes like beer, the less she enjoys it. Honey Lemon Wheat passes that test.


8oz Crystal 10L
8oz Vienna


1oz Spalt Select (4.8%AA) @60min


6lbs Wheat LME


Wyeast American Wheat (1010)


1oz Dried Lemon Peel @5min
2lbs Honey (racked onto in Secondary)

SG: 1.055
1wk: 1.012
FG(2wk): 1.004

This is another beer from the ever fantastic Dry Dock Brewing Co. It is a great summer beer, and like most wheat beer, is incredibly refreshing on a hot day with a slice of citrus. Lemon would likely be the prime choice, but fuck it, be a rebel. Orange would prolly be great too. Do what you want, it’s your beer. This beer is a shining example of a solid wheat, especially after bottle conditioning for a few weeks. One of the scant amount of notes I left for this beer was that I would actually use a little less honey (somewhere between 1-1.5lbs) since I remember the honey flavor being a little too present. But then again, that could be what helped this beer pass the Momma Barber test.

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