Random American Ale to Sour

Batch Info

10lb Batch
All Grain


17lbs Pilsner
3lbs Unmalted Spelt
2.11lb Mecca Gateway (undermodified)
1.6lbs Triticale
1.5lbs Carapils
1.3lbs 2Row


1.5oz Centennial (10.3%AA) @60min
.18 Cascade Cryohops (?%AA) @60min


Lallemand American West Coast x2

SG: 1.052
1wk (still fermenting): 1.016




No notes

8gal Strike @ 172F. Mash in @ 153-155F. 60min mash. 152-153F @ 30min. 150F @ 60min. 8gal sparge @174F. 13.75gal preboil. 60min boil. 12gal post boil. Split into two fermenters and pitched yeast.

After 1 week, while still slightly fermenting, racked the beer into new carboys – #1 pitched slurry from batch #60 Sour Wheat (Dregs of Dwinell Country Ales Fool’s Gold & Levelheaded) and #2 onto slurry of batch #53 Belgian Wit (soured) (same dregs as Sour Plum Spelt Saison) and 4.6 lbs second use cherries from same beer

To be bottled.

Brewed 3/18/20.

Notes for next time: