Hop Goblin’s Revenge

Before I started brewing, IPAs were my main squeeze. I enjoyed other beers too, although I typically thought they lacked the complexity that many of the different hop varieties can offer. Yeah, I don’t like young me either. Anyway, this beer is a recipe from one of my all-time absolute favorite breweries, Dry Dock Brewing Co. in Aurora, CO. If you get the chance to go, they are a great group of people who make incredible beer. Connected to their Aurora tasting room is my favorite brew shop even though I live over 1,000 miles away. Really, check them out.


16oz Golden Promise
16oz Caramunich 2


2oz Columbus (17%AA) @ 60min
1oz Warrior (16.8%AA) @25min
1oz Simcoe (13%AA) @2min


8lbs LME


Wyeast American II (1272)

SG: 1.076
1wk: 1.016
FG(2wk): 1.010

This is the part in my brewing history where the memory of specific batches start to blend together into an mélange of memories and have to rely on the scant notes I left for myself. My first note is in all caps, and I faintly remember another time when I had a repeat explosion of beer all over the bathroom, that says, “ANY TIME YOU MAKE AN IPA, SPLIT IT AND PUT IT IN 2 CARBOYS!!! OR IT WILL EXPLODE!!!!” I feel like there is a story I should remember there. This was also before I learned of blowoff tubes, lawl. So young. I thought this was a decent IPA, however I was not huge on the flavor or the hops. After a month or two conditioning, I noted it was a little better. This beer really left little impression on me. If you like hops a little more than I do, this could be a first beer from Dry Dock, but hopefully not your overall first impression.

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