Pain de Campagne

Bulk Fermentation: ~5 hrs
Proof: 12-14hr
Schedule: Feed levain @ 8am, Mix final dough @ 3pm, shape into loaves @ 8pm, proof in fridge overnight, bake around 8-10am following morning.


50g Mature Levain
200g White flour
50g Whole wheat flour
200g Water (@ 80°-85° F)

Final Dough

740g White flour
60g Whole wheat flour
620g Water (@ 90°-95° F)
21g Fine sea salt
5g Fresh yeast (2g Instant dried yeast)
360g Levain

Feed levain. Autolyse white & wheat flour with water. Mix final dough w/ cuts & folds. 2-3 folds after initial mixing within first hour. When dough is 2.5x original volume, it’s ready to be divided – 2-3hrs after mixing. Divide into two loaves, shape, & place in bowl with flour dusted proofing linens. Flour tops of loaves & place in bags (fully sealed in dry environments, partially sealed in more humid environments) and proof in the refrigerator overnight. At least 45min before baking, start preheating cast-iron dutch ovens in the oven at 475°. Bake @ 475° for 30min covered. Uncover cast iron and continue baking for 10min. When loaves are a deep brown, remove and place on cooling racks. Let sit 20min before devouring.